Statement from Andy:

I'm happy to announce that version 2.0 and the new version of my website under the new name 'Andy James Presents The Guitar Academy' will go into launch and live for the public imminently. I'm very excited and proud to bring you a fresh new version of my guitar academy which after several years and 100's of hours of content will now take on a new lease of life. I will be gradually taking a step back from doing education and after many years way back with Lick Library, through to JTC and my own Academy, I feel I've shared everything I know and I don't have much more to give beyond this new and inspiring release. I've spent the last 8 years dedicating time to building a massive library of content here in the Academy, which will remain and I will add content or courses when I feel I have something more to add, and when I'm inspired to do so. For anyone wanting to learn how to shred, I feel with the right amount of practice this website has everything you will need to attain any level of skill and virtuosity.

But to continue the Academy; myself and my team have worked tirelessly for the past 3 years behind the scenes carefully selecting and recruiting a small elite team of guest artists that will join the Academy contributing courses and content on my behalf which is reflected in the new name 'Andy James Presents The Guitar Academy'.

These artists all fall within the rock/metal genre as I want to specialise in this field but each player has been selected in order to complement skills I simply cannot teach. I can't wait to release the names of everyone that we have selected to take part and my team and I have had a great time working with these elite artists creating fresh courses and content for you to enjoy. The first artist will be announced this week so keep your ear to the ground!

The entire back-end of the Academy has been revamped and we have employed new people in our team to help manage the workload behind the scenes ensuring efficient customer service, all ran from our new HQ.

New members who sign up will get all of the entire v1.0 content as well as all v2.0 content at launch and as each new artist and product is released. That's hundreds of hours of content, lessons and courses at your disposal.

New pricing has been implemented and all of this will be offered at a new, permanent redacted rate for monthly, annual and lifetime memberships. Any old or original members paying more can simply cancel and re-join with the new pricing.

Many new features and perks will be rolled out during the re-launch as well as a consistent stream of new content from 30 very carefully selected, elite guest artists. We have worked very hard on it and we know you're going to love it!

I'd like to personally thank each and every one of you who've either bought a product or a membership for your dedication and patience. 'Andy James Presents The Guitar Academy' has been a long time in the making so here's to more amazing courses, lessons, content, ripping shredding and brutal riffs.


Las Vegas

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