2. The Matrix

2. The Matrix

This is a system I have developed for guitar players; it’s a system that you might have seen before, mostly used by drummers, because it’s all about rhythm. On guitar, you can apply it in multiple ways; on different strings, different shapes, and you can even apply it to any scales for example. But for the first overview we stick to the 4 note system, and 3 note system. I chose the most easy “scale” to do this: the chromatic scale.

In later chapters I will show you many more ways to apply this system.

The main thing to focus on while doing these exercises, is consistency! Each palm mute should sound exactly the same, the same intensity. Each open note should have the same brightness, and clearness!

Needless to say: no dead notes, no excess noise in between ANY notes!

With the 8th note system, you want to keep your alternate picking going on, no matter which string you pick. Each note should sound as clear as possible.

With the 8th note and 16th note system; 8th note downstrokes are the basic movement, and in between you add a 16th note upstroke at each accent.

Groups of 4 notes

Exercise 2.1 Exercise 2.2 Exercise 2.3 Exercise 2.4

  • 2 strings: 8th notes
  • 1 string: 8th notes
  • 2 strings: 8th notes and 16th note accents 1 string: 8th notes and 16th note accents

Groups of 3 notes (triplets)

  • Exercise 2.5 2 strings: 8th notes
  • Exercise 2.6 2 strings: 8th notes and 16th note accents Exercise 2.7 1 string: 8th notes
  • Exercise 2.8 1 string: 8th notes and 16th note accents

Below you find Guitar Pro files, and backing tracks of all exercises, in 3 different tempos.

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