Welcome to the new package for the song the 'Diary of Hells Guitar'.

This track actually started off as a collaboration between myself and Jeff Loomis, but as schedules didn't allow I needed a new track to perform on EMG TV at the beginning of 2014. So that is the very first version of it.

After sitting with the track a while I started to cement a lot more of how I wanted the track to sound. I booked into the studio with Scott Atkins and recorded the finished version you will hear on this downloadable version. The rest of the track was performed and mixed by Alan Sacha Laskow with the full arrangement written by me. The reason he re-performed my version was so he could do a better mix as in my current home set up I'm not recording dry DI signal.

So it all came together to be solidified into this official version of the song and I hope you enjoy it.


Diary Of Hells Guitar Track

Instant Download

MP3, WAV and Flac
Comes with PDF Photo Booklet

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Diary Of Hells Guitar Track - 99c

Diary Of Hells Guitar Pack

Instant Download

  • DOHG track (WAV, Flac and MP3)
  • DOHG backing track
  • DOHG Demo version
  • DOHG Official Video Playthrough
  • Transcription in 3 parts (lead, harmony, rhythm)
  • PDF and Guitar Pro files of TAB and Notation
  • [DVD - Length] 70 minute 9-part DOHG HD video lesson with AJ
  • PDF Booklet with DOHG Photo Library
  • STEMS from the Pro Tools sessions
  • Behind The Scenes In The Studio 'Spy-Cam' footage - Over 5 hours of NEVER SEEN BEFORE footage!!

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Diary Of Hells Guitar Pack

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