1.0 Introduction

Andy James is renowned as one of the most technically fearsome metal guitarists on the planet. With millions of YouTube views, dozens of successful tutorial DVD’s and inspirational online lessons, Andy has gained enormous popularity with aspiring shredders on a global level.

Acclaimed solo albums alongside International tours and major label album releases with British Metal act Sacred Mother Tongue are all indicating that Andy James is a guitarist whose time has truly arrived. He’s been described as ‘The Future of Shred’ – and here’s your chance to learn from directly from this exciting new talent.

‘Metal Pentatonics’ is brought to you by the Andy James Guitar Academy, and is the first in a series of Courses that will enable you to take advantage of Andy’s fresh and innovative approaches to playing cutting edge shred metal guitar.

Here we take an in-depth look into one key aspect of Andy’s revolutionary guitar style – his use of every Guitarists favourite scale: the Minor Pentatonic.

Andy and Owen Edwards, best-selling author of ‘From Zero To Rock Hero’, Alloutguitar.com Editor and co-founder of Guitar Idol) examine how to apply the Minor Pentatonic in many exciting new ways that we guarantee you won’t have encountered before.

‘Metal Pentatonics’ was filmed via multi cameras in Hi-Definition, and captures Andy’s playing up close and personal, shredding his way through drills, licks, and songs specifically designed to enable you to conquer new heights of guitar playing.

All the theory and techniques, and stylistic and melodic influences, are broken down step by step to enable you to take your guitar playing to the next level. Speed learning techniques, goal setting, equipment advice and much more will be featured over the duration of the Course – and all you have t-o ask yourself is: have you got what it takes to join the new breed of metal guitar heroes?!

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