2.8 Linear Movement…

So far all of the drills we’ve looked at have stuck to one position: now let’s combine all five in a couple of linear sequences – i.e. patterns that ascend laterally along the strings.

The accompanying diagram shows position one in standard form with extensions on the 1st and 2nd strings up to the octave. Many renowned rock and metal players are very fond of ascending via these two strings, as not only is it relatively easy to visualise, but the picking and legato technique remains consistent - as does the tone.


Drill 7 adopts a legato/picking combination much favoured by Gilbert, Nuno and others as the combination of slick legato based 1st string notes, and the more aggressive picked 2nd string notes provides a great tonal contrast.



Drill 8 flips this around by applying the picking solely to the 1st string and by commencing the 2nd string notes with a hammer on from nowhere keeps the 2nd string firmly in the legato zone.

2.9 Drill 8



One thing you may have difficulty with is judging how much velocity to apply to the hammer on from nowhere, while also maintaining sufficient string control and muting. Slam your finger down too hard and without positional accuracy and you will trigger the other strings, too softly and the lick falls apart… Its trial and error, so put the time in and be vigilante.

By now you should be ready to tackle some real world soloing, so let’s look at a solo demonstration track. Just to shake things up a little, we’ll switch keys to D minor…

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