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The Andy James Guitar Academy For
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Gives you online access, to a continuous stream of HD video lessons, tools, tips, tricks and techniques for music, playing, songwriting, performing and gear . . . which TRANSFORMS your guitar skills beyond your wildest dreams, or it’s FREE . . .

World renowned guitarist and arguably the most brutal shredder to
ever pick up a guitar, Andy James, through his no B.S. lessons, live
interactions and weekly guitar critiques with the members of his
Guitar Academy . . . provides THE breakthroughs YOU need to
exceed your potential and overcome any obstacles
. . . regardless of your current skill level.

You get access via any iPad, iPhone, Android, Laptop or Computer,
24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for less than $1.38 a day!

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Andy has been a true blessing to work with at ESP Guitars.  Since he became a part of the family, I have wanted to use him for every trade show and clinic that I possibly could because of how impactful his playing is.  Fast, but fluid, stylistic, but consistent…all while making it look so damn easy.  He is very personable and can take the time to explain to anybody what he is doing and how he is doing it and for all the aforementioned reasons, he turns anybody in his path into a fan.

ESP Guitars,

Dear Friend and Fellow Guitarist,

The Andy James Guitar Academy makes guitar playing easy.

In every town, in every city, in every country around the world, there’s a guitar player who dreams of being able to shred, lick, riff, scale and possess all of the technical skills needed to play guitar like a seasoned rock star.

When you want access to the most kick ass guitar lessons ever recorded, which covers; warming up, alternative picking, pentatonic, riffs, gear, scales and modes, string skipping, recording, licks, rhythm, composition, songwriting and much, much more, delivered to you each and every week, teaching you the technical aspects of guitar playing, which many deem impossible, then relax, you’re in the right place and you’ve found the right person.

And, YOU are EXACTLY the guitar player I want to help.

No longer will you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, struggling to grasp the various techniques you desire to take your playing skills to the next level and beyond.

Here’s why . . .

The Story of 2 Guitarists Who Started Playing in
Their High School Band a Few Years Ago . . .

Long time friends, Dave and Alex loved playing guitar in their high school band. From practice, to playing gigs, they always had a lot of fun! That changed when they went away to different colleges. Studies took priority. There never seemed like anytime to just pick up play.

Recently, these 2 friends were home from college and decided to catch up on their lives and have a jam session. They started to play one of the cover songs they use to playmin their high school band. About half way through the song, Alex stopped playing. He was stunned!

He couldn’t believe just how awesome Dave was now playing. He thought to himself, how the heck did he become so darn good, in such a short period of time? After all, they both had the same guitar teacher growing up and their technical skills were always about the same.

There was now a huge difference in their playing skills. Alex was struggling to take his playing to the next level, even though he’d done private lessons while away at college for the last few months. Dave on the other hand, was playing so good, he could soon find himself landing well paid gigs.

What Made Such a Huge Difference To Their Guitar Skills?

The difference in Dave and Alex’s guitar skills had little to do with their ability to play. The difference was in their decision to learn guitar after high school. Alex has chosen to hire a private teacher, which at $40 for each 45 minute, session a week, a total of $160 per month, it seemed the right choice.

Dave however had discovered an alternative way to take his guitar playing to a level, way above his wildest dreams. And he could do so from anywhere in the world, any time of the day or night.

If you haven’t guessed already, Dave had discovered the Andy James Guitar Academy and this was the HUGE difference in his guitar playing skills.

Online Guitar Lessons Unlike ANY  Others

11Andy James is a big influence in the world of guitar playing. Over the last 10 years, Andy has taught guitar lessons to at least 87,823 keen guitarists throughout the world via DVD’s, magazines, TV, YouTube and one on one lessons, to name a few. Collectively, the views of his YouTube videos are well into the millions.

Every week, new content will be added, including Guitar Hot Seats, where one lucky member will get to play live, for Andy (via Skype or Google hangout) . . .
Andy will watch, listen and then reveal what the guitarist is doing right, wrong and how to fix it. NO other guitar website offers this!

Can you imagine how valuable this will be for you as a member in terms of your guitar playing skills? These will be uploaded to the member’s area for all members to benefit from.

Even if it’s not you personally, these guitar hot seats and critiques will give you priceless lessons on how you can improve your playing!

Read on to discover how you could be on of the first chosen.

EMG Artist of The Week

“For some time Andy James has been widely regarded as one of the U.K.’s rising stars in the world of Shred & Metal guitar. Now, Andy James has undeniably earned himself a place among the very best in the world.

As a major contributor to “Lick Library” – the benchmark for Web and DVD based guitar instruction – Andy has specialized in teaching lead techniques for Heavy Rock and Metal. Not only can he be found mastering others’ techniques but, influenced by the likes of Andy Timmons, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert and Adam Dutkiewicz, Andy is incredibly skilled as a songwriter, as heard on solo albums ‘In the Wake of Chaos’ and ‘Machine’ as well as his contribution to his band Sacred Mother Tongue.

It hasn’t taken long for Andy James’ name to become a leading light in the world of Metal guitar; now fully endorsed by Blackstar Amplification and ESP Guitars.

Be it workshops, exhibitions or with Sacred Mother Tongue, seeing this man live is a must. To witness first hand the sound, the dynamic, the dexterity and the speed with which he plays live on stage is a site to behold and is the personification of what has made Andy James world-renowned in his field, and this year the world is his fretboard.”


Sounds Great Andy . . . What Will I Discover as
a Member of The Andy James Academy?

Good question.

Too many answers. There’s way too much to list here however, here’s a small sample of what you will discover.

  • The basics of alternative picking full explained
  • Right and left hand technique
  • In-depth look at single string runs
  • Discover a unique approach to a 3 note per string, pentatonic and diatonic runs
  • Watch how Andy demonstrates rapid, 3 note per string patterns with a pentatonic twist
  • How to shred like a veteran rock star
  • Discover how easy it is to master your fret board
  • How to make sick licks
  • Speed picking . . . the wrong way and right way to do it
  • How to structure licks and riffs into musical pieces
  • Discover just how crucial your technique and timing are
  • How to build your speed with full control
  • Proven exercises you can do to develop your technique
  • How do you take your guitar techniques and skills to the up-most peak of your ability and then use them to create the most complex and intriguing song pieces
  • String skipping . . . the right way
  • How to combine sweep-picking with tapping without loosing melody
  • How to integrate shred techniques into your solos
  • Discover tapping . . . from basics to advanced
  • Speed and accuracy warm up techniques
  • And much, much more!

And to recap here’s what the 15 sections inside the members area Main Training will cover in full detail:

  • 1. Warming Up
  • 2. Alternative Picking
  • 3. Pentatonic
  • 4. Riffs
  • 5. Gear
  • 6. Scales and Modes
  • 7. String Skipping
  • 8. Recording
  • 9. Lick Index
  • 10. Rhythm
  • 11. Composition
  • 12. Songwriting
  • 13. Behind The Scenes
  • 14. Interviews
  • 15. Music Industry
  • 16. AJ Tunes

Members Can Stream All Of Andy's Music Inside The Members Area!

Plus, there’s live webinars, weekly Guitar Hot Seats/critiques and much, much more . . . delivered to you each and every week, teaching you all of the technical aspects of guitar playing, which many deem impossible!

See Stu's Story

Stu Clark, guitarist of over 20 years tells us about his experience as a student of the Academy

See Seans Story

Sean Toner tells us his thoughts on the Academy members area after struggling to afford a local teacher!

What do you get inside the Andy James
Guitar Academy?

Here are just a few of the benefits of joining the Academy!

  • Brand New Content Added Each Week!

    We add new content into your member’s area each and every week.

  • Weekly Guitar Hot Seats and Critiques!

    AndyEach week, I will select 1 to 2 Platinum Members for a grueling guitar hot seat and critique of their playing skills. If you are the one chosen, you will get to play live for me via skype or google hangout.

    I will watch, listen and then rip into your technique, revealing what you’re doing right, what you need to improve on and then time permitting, demonstrate how you should be playing!

    I won’t hold back and I won’t pull any punches. You’ll get a blast of brutal honesty to ensure you take your guitar playing skills way beyond the next level.

    Each guitar hot seat and critique will be recorded and then loaded into the member’s area for all members to benefit from. You’ll be able to watch and listen to these as often as you like.

Hurry! The first 97 Platinum Members are Guaranteed a Guitar Hot Seat and Critique with Andy James!

When you are one of the first 97 Platinum Monthly Members or Annual Members and for as long as you’re a member, you are guaranteed to have a guitar hot seat with Andy. The priceless value of these alone, are worth your membership!

If you’re 98, I’m sorry, you just won’t qualify for a private, 1 on 1 guitar hot seat with Andy. You will of course still get access to all of the videos recorded and uploaded to your member’s area.

The first 97 Members, in additional to a guaranteed Guitar Hot Seat and Critique With Andy James . . . will ALSO receive a FREE signed ‘Psychic Transfusion’ EP plus a handful of AJ signature Dunlop picks!

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  • Brand New Content Added Every Single Week!
  • Full access to all guitar Hot Seat/Critique Videos Access to Andy James Live
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Here's What Others Are Saying About Being An Academy Member!

The Pick Is Now in Your Hands . . .
It’s Up To YOU How Well You Use It!

I would hope by now you’re getting my drift. The Andy James Guitar Academy is not for everyone.

It’s only for serious guitar players who want to discover for themselves, the correct technical aspects of guitar playing which others deem impossible.

The information you will gain access to as a member of the Andy James Guitar Academy is unlike anything out there.

When you consider the average investment for a just one weekly 45 minute, private lesson with a guitar teacher is between $40-50 ($160-$200 per month) or if you could every twist my arm to teach you privately, one on one, it would be an investment of $75 per session ($300 a month) plus travel and time . . . plus you are protected by my 365 day, this really should be a no brainer.

For less than $1.67 a day you can gain immediate access to the Monthly Platinum membership and for a mere $1.38 per day, you can gain immediate access to the Annual Platinum Membership area.

So, for much less than a cup of Starbucks coffee or a beer a day, I have done everything I can to prove to you just how valuable, priceless and life changing your guitar playing will be, when you become a member of my Andy James Guitar Academy.

The pick is in your hands, if you want to continue to struggle and feel like you’re stuck in a guitar playing rut . . . and you don’t want to substantially improve your guitar playing skills . . . then do not become a member.

When you want to pick up your guitar, grab a pick and shred, lick, riff, scale and possess all of the technical skills needed to play guitar well beyond your wildest dreams . . . then become a monthly or annual member by clicking on the link/s below.

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Dedicated to transforming you into a badass guitar player FAST!


Andy James
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