Andy James and Owen Edwards

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8 Modules from the very basics of the Pentatonic scale right through to insane shredding!

  • Full HD videos
  • Fretboard Charts
  • Guitar Pro files for every example!
  • Backing Tracks
  • Access to ‘Andy James Live’ a monthly Webinar where you can interact directly with Andy! (a $100 value)
$38 Saving 20%ONLY for the next 24 Hours

New Frontier Guitar:

Exploring the Outer Limits of Guitar Playing…

Become the best that you can be

What is New Frontier Guitar?

New Frontier Guitar is the Ultimate in Shred & Metal Guitar Tuition created by Shred phenomenon Andy James: a man rated by peers such as John Petrucci, Mark Tremonti and Rusty Cooley as one of the best players on the planet.

‘Metal Pentatonics’

‘Metal Pentatonics’ is the first title in a series of ground breaking Guitar Instruction Courses and is a huge 8 Module Course with over 20,000 words that includes:

Dozens of videos and MP3’s featuring:

Unique drills, licks, solos, riffs and backing tracks that rip apart Pentatonics in a way you’ve never heard before.

Specially written to display revolutionary ways to apply rocks favourite scale, these exclusive Andy James lessons feature the following techniques and melodic content:

  • Alternate Picking
  • Sweep Picking
  • Economy Picking
  • String Skipping
  • Tapping
  • Legato
  • Hammer Ons From Nowhere
  • Advanced Phrasing, Bending, Sliding and Vibrato
  • Pentatonic Sequencing
  • Linear and Lateral based patterns
  • Pentatonic Sweeping
  • Pentatonic Expansions
  • Pentatonic Arpeggios
  • Advanced Hybrid Scales
  • Advanced Arpeggios
  • Arpeggio Superimposition
  • Melodic Displacement
  • Rhythmic Displacement
  • 3 Note Per String Modal additions
  • Phrygian Dominant additions and much, much more!

003Over 20,000 words co-written with best-selling Guitarist Author and Teacher Owen Edwards reveal the previously hidden secrets to gaining shred pentatonic mastery!

All technical and theoretical concepts are detailed and explained step by step, in an easy to understand and logical way that will enable you to understand the most advanced musical concepts and theory for the first time ever – and in record time you’ll be applying advanced ‘Metal Pentatonics’ to your own playing!

Chord, Scale and Arpeggio Construction and Intervals are detailed and featured in all musical examples when relevant: and a complete guide to practical music theory application is included.

All music transcriptions examples are featured both in the course content alongside the Videos, and as Guitar Pro Files and PDF downloads!

All examples feature unique custom designed Fretboard diagrams and Charts with all Intervals featured to enable instant transposing to any keys.

Also featuring an up to date History of Shred and style analysis and comment on numerous famous shredders, ‘Metal Pentatonics’ goes way beyond any other course on the market…

  • This is no simple lickfest: ‘Metal Pentatonics’ goes in deep to reveal how the licks, runs, solos and melodies are created, covering all harmonic and Intervallic theory, rhythmic concepts, phrasing and melodic content.
  • You will be shown how to apply each and every concept to your own music, and the inspiration you will gain from this ‘Metal Pentatonics’ will revolutionize your guitar playing
  • All relevant theoretical, technical and creative elements are explained in a step by step and easy to understand logical fashion, co-authored by a best-selling guitar journalist and teacher.
  • Unique fretboard diagrams of super advanced playing concepts with all theoretical concepts and Intervals featured broken down to enable you to apply these new concepts to your own playing in any key.
  • For the first time you will be able to understand advanced musical concepts and theory and be able to apply them to your own style immediately!

What’s Unique about New Frontier Guitar: Metal Pentatonics?

Book_2Easy – unlike all competitors ‘Metal Pentatonics’ gives you the complete analysis of every aspect of every note that Andy plays in the Course.

Exhaustive full text written by International best-selling Guitar Tuition Author Owen Edwards (‘From Zero To Rock Hero’ (Harper Collins) published in several languages around the world, Guitar Idol Creator, Founder and Editor) gives you the low down on every single piece of music that Andy plays in the course from the ground up:

How it is created and with what Interval/pentatonics/scales/arpeggios

How to apply it and how to understand what theory is involved

How to apply these cool new licks and adapt them to your own style

Complete physical and technical advice on how to execute the guitar parts (and be warned: there are some very scary licks here!)

In short the complete analysis required to give you the insight into the creative process of a Metal/Shred guitarist at the peak of his powers: you will be given a mega boost to your Improvising and composing ability that would normally take years to achieve!

The Bottom Line:

  • ‘Metal Pentatonics’ will revolutionise your guitar playing with unique ways to play rocks favourite scale: the minor pentatonic.
  • ‘Metal Pentatonics’ is the only academically rigorous guitar course written with a world class metal/shred guitarist available.
  • ‘Metal Pentatonics’ and The Andy James Guitar Academy provide unique access to Andy’s fresh and innovative approaches to playing cutting edge shred metal guitar.
  • ‘Metal Pentatonics’ features super advanced concepts and techniques and rips them apart!
  • ‘Metal Pentatonics’ is a Modular course that features self-contained Modules focusing in on Key areas including:

‘Pick ‘n’ Slick’ – Alternate Picking and Legato Combinations

‘Rhythmic Displacement’ – Exciting new ways to apply dynamic rhythmic variety

‘Pentatonic Expansions’ – Expanding and creating Hybrid Pentatonics

‘Tap Skip ‘ n’ A Lick’ – Mega tapping and string skipped Pentatonic lines

‘Pentatonic Sweeping’ – Unique super wide Intervals sweep based Petatonics

  • ‘Metal Pentatonics’ is easy to follow and logically structured for self-study
  • ‘Metal Pentatonics’ enables you to take your time and approach casually dipping in and out as you see fit – or go in hard core and take on the whole course!
  • ‘Metal Pentatonics’ doesn’t just teach you some hot licks: it focuses on giving you the musical tools and technical shred firepower to ignite your playing and imagination, and will give you fresh inspiration to create your own unique playing style.

Heres What People Have To Say About
'New Frontier Guitar'

Last week I signed up to the Andy James Guitar Academy course 'New Frontier Guitar: Metal Pentatonics'. Its has to be one of the most in depth and approachable breakdowns I have soon on Andy's approach to shredding and being melodic with the pentatonic scale. It goes from basic technique all the way up to crazy wide interval string skipping stuff. it's not just about licks, its about giving you the tools to create your own crazy pentatonic ideas. Well worth checking out!

Sam Bell

I took New Frontier and the content is very very substantial. Its taking my playing to a new level! Thanks AJ and Team!

Lionel Charpentier 

I decided to purchase 'New Frontier Guitar' because Andy uses pentatonics in a quite unique way: pentatonics are probably the easiest way to build up your soloing phrases, but it is a common-place for most of the teachers out there to use them with very little imagination, with the typical bluesy sound; Andy's approach to pentatonics, on the contrary, is a whole different thing, with his smooth and melodic shredding runs, with his tasteful sense of rhythmic variations.

And, of course, I bought the 'NFG' because I already knew how great is Andy as a teacher. Everything is broken down in a 'step-by-step' guide, in simple 'drills' and tips that allow you to develop your physical ability before you can face each exercise. I am SO happy with the course, it has provided me with many ideas (I'm still working on it though) and I think it is really making my playing more interesting.

Francisco ClementeI 

What is the outcome from completing ‘Metal Pentatonics’ – and why order now?

BookWhen you order the complete Course you will massively improve as a guitarist and as a musician, and because this is brand new information previously unavailable you can be at the forefront of a Pentatonic Revolution!

Andy James is a unique Guitar Phenomenon: The Future of Shred

New Frontier Guitar is the first Course created by Andy James

Dare you be left behind…?!

Order ‘Metal Pentatonics’ now and be a part of the future of rock, metal and shred guitar!

$38 Saving 20%ONLY for the next 24 Hours